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Your End-to-End Hospitality Quality SolutionTrack and improve your quality scores through simple monitoring and reporting

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We catch every problem, at all locations


Create custom audits and checklists. Create reports that can be accessed at a property or corporate level. Understand your most missed items thematically and in real-time. Filter by department, position and more.

Duty Manager Reports

Log all ad-hoc incidents so nothing goes unnoticed. Understand how much you’re spending to rectify these incidents. Have a record of how all problems were addressed for future training. Easy shift handover for outstanding issues.

Audit DetailsLocation Dashboard OverviewCorporate Dashboard Most Missed


Detailed location- and corporate-level analytics on both mobile and web.

Most Missed Items

Understand key issues across the board thematically and resolve them.

Ease of Use

Set up in no time - minimal training with our intuitive app and Web dashboards.


Understand who your biggest problem solvers are at every location.

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